Conestogo Lake

Are you looking for a cottage to spend your summers? Look no further!

Beautiful Conestogo Lake is located in the heart of Mennonite country, less than 45 minutes away, depending on the side of the lake, from Kitchener Waterloo. The lake is a y-shaped reservoir that stretches six kilometres up each arm and offers the option to boat, sail, waterski, wakeboard, canoe, camp, etc.

Conestogo Lake is surrounded by 398 cottages, which are part of a cottage lot program operated by GRCA. The GRCA holds title to the land and leases lots to tenants for seasonal occupancy between April 15 and November 15. The GRCA administers services such as garbage collection and road maintenance with costs passed on to cottage owners. Winter use is allowed for a limited period of time. The GRCA does not plough cottage lot roads or test the reservoir water for water quality.
It is possible to buy a cottage from an existing owner and have the land lease transferred to a new owner. Contact me for more information.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.