Huron Park

The beautiful Huron Natural Area, stretching out over 107 hectares, is a perfect spot for nature lovers, hikers and photographers with its wetlands, streams and meadows. Huron Park finds a harmonious balance between suburbia and urban living. In recent years, development has brought new mini-communities into the region. New houses and townhomes abound, with commercial properties in the mix. Residents like their peace and quiet and appreciate that there is a pristine park and picturesque farmers’ field at their doorsteps. Amenities are never far away, whether it’s a shopping mall or a skating rink.


Stanley Park and Centreville

This area is located in the far eastern side of Kitchener right by Chicopee-ski hill! This neighbourhood is great for families, it has beautiful suburban streets and is close to many activities. Community involvement is big in this area, neighbours like to get to know each other. Besides the Chicopee Ski Resort, there are many other green areas such as Schneider & Morrison park as well as a variety of walking trails. There are many shops and restaurants in this area, as well as multiple schools for children to attend.



This area is located in the far eastern side of Kitchener right by Chicopee-ski hill! This neighbourhood is great for families, it has beautiful suburban streets and is close to many activities. Community involvement is big in this area, neighbours like to get to know each other. Besides the Chicopee Ski Resort, there are many other green areas such as Schneider & Morrison park as well as a variety of walking trails. There are many shops and restaurants in this area, as well as multiple schools for children to attend.



This neighbourhood is interesting with rolling hills, natural, forested and agricultural areas, cut-de-sacs and crescents with upper middle-income suburban homes. There is lots of parkland, trails, creeks and woods if you enjoy spending your time outdoors. There is quick access to Kitchener and Waterloo city centres and to the 401 by the main thoroughfares that surround the neighbourhood, it would be beneficial to have a car if living in this area. It is also near Conestoga College which brings some students to the area but there are also many young families.


Forest Heights

This neighbourhood is largely residential with mostly bungalows and two-storey homes which largely attracts families and gives the feeling of home. The streets are full of mature trees and the properties have wide lots and large backyards. You will also find several wooded areas, trails and nature parks to enjoy. Fischer Park is located in a complex with the public library and pool, and has tennis courts, a soccer field and skate park. Its proximity to the highway makes it a convenient location, plus it is surrounded by restaurants and shopping centres like Boardwalk Shopping Centre and Sunrise Plaza!


Central Frederick

The neighbourhood of Central Frederick can be found right in the heart of downtown Kitchener. It has a great location, as it borders on the expressway and is also close to downtown where the action is. However, this area is also home to multiple parks including Weber Park, Gordon Park and Brubacher Greens. These parks have tennis courts, ball diamonds, basketball courts, play structures and lots of green space for walking and having picnics. This area is filled with mature trees and a great sense of community spirit. In Central Frederick you can find a variety of homes from high rises to semi-detached homes. There is a mix of families in this area as well as young people, with the largest percentage being between 25-29 years old.


Breithaupt Park

This neighbourhood is located at the northern border of Kitchener. It is home to one of the city’s largest parks that has a community centre, baseball diamonds, playgrounds and a splash pad. This neighbourhood is close knit with many families. The neighbourhood association organizes events such as street parties, soccer programs, soapbox derbies and many more. This area is close to many amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants. and shopping. It is close to both Kitchener and Waterloo leaving many options!


Alpine Village

Alpine Village is a neighbourhood located in south Kitchener. It is a smaller neighbourhood but has beautiful, mature tree-lined streets and is close to many amenities. Alpine village is centered about Alpine Park, homes to green space and forests. It is also nearby McLennan Park which provides entertainment for a variety of outdoor activities such as biking trails and paths, jogging trails, a dog park, a playground with a splash pad for those warm days and a skateboard park. This neighbourhood is great for families and those that love the outdoors. Alpine Village is also close to shopping areas and restaurants and is by the Conestoga Parkway.


Downtown/ Rockway/ South Ward

Downtown Kitchener is an exciting and fast paced area that is home to brand new high-rise developments as well as lofts that were once an old factory. Just outside the core you will also find some gorgeous older homes.

Rockway is filled with beautiful tree-lined streets and older homes with lots of charm. For those who like to be close to the hustle and bustle of downtown but also enjoy the quiet there is Rockway Gardens, beautifully maintained by the Horticultural Society.



Upper Beechwood

This neighbourhood, located in west Waterloo is considered more upscale as the homes in this area often sell for more as they offer large lots and matured trees. Most of the homes are built in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Upper Beechwood is conveniently located as it is near the new Boardwalk and the amenities that come with it such as shops and restaurants. It also has two community associations: Upper Beechwood and Upper Beechwood II, with private pools and tennis courts. If you enjoy the outdoors this neighbourhood could be a great for you too, as there are many walking trails and parks. It is a very tight-knit neighbourhood with many proud homeowners. People who move here often do so with their family and end staying for many years. There are public schools in the area, but students are usually bused to the Catholic Schools.



Beechwood is located in one of the older parts of Waterloo, with most homes dating back to the 1980s. The homes are large and traditional, with big lots and mature trees. This area is perfect for families as it has six community pools, tennis courts, soccer fields and skating rinks. There are childcare facilities nearby as well as many parks. There is an abundance of walking trails available to enjoy. Beechwood is convenient to Uptown Waterloo, the malls (Conestoga Mall and The Boardwalk), shopping and restaurants. Many students are also drawn to rentals in this neighbourhood as it is near to the universities.



This neighbourhood is located in northern Waterloo near St. Jacobs, its wonderful farmers market and the many beautiful farms in that area. This area is great if you are looking to be close to many amenities but feel as though you are far from the city. The homes in this area are generally 25+ years old and are situated on large lots that are home to many gardens and well-kept yards. There are also many parks and natural areas to explore and for kids to enjoy. There are a variety of schools available in the area so busing is not always necessary.


Kiwanis Park

This beautiful neighbourhood is one of the most prestigious places to live in Waterloo. This area follows the Grand River and has luxurious homes on large lots. These homes allow you to feel far from the city while not actually being far away. This neighbourhood is also home to Kiwanis Public Park and Beach Pool. It is a very lively area in the summer months.



This neighbourhood is located in east Waterloo, it is home to many parks, walking trails such as Hillside Park and many beautiful mature trees. It is close to many amenities such as the expressway, public transit and Uptown Waterloo which boasts many restaurants and shopping. Glenridge has a variety of housing types from older homes with large lots to newer homes including apartments and single-family homes. There are schools in this area so children don’t need to bus there.



Eastbridge is located in the northeast area of Waterloo. It is right along the beautiful Grand River. This area is connected by many walking trails and bike paths which makes it great for those with an active lifestyle. The streets are beautifully landscaped and there is no shortage of houses with great curb appeal. The homes in Eastbridge are fairly new and come with smaller lot sizes. This area is also very accessible and is close to the expressway as well as shops and restaurants!


Conservations Meadows

This smaller neighbourhood located in west Waterloo has fairly new homes. This area is away from the city hustle and bustle but still has amenities nearby. With so much green space around this neighbourhood it is a perfect area for nature lovers. There is also a large public park, perfect for kids.  Homes in this area are quite new and well designed but lots are a bit smaller however, many back onto the green space, providing a forest of 30-foot trees as a backdrop. Neighbourhoods in this area are known to be very friendly and close knit. Students must be bussed to schools from this area.


Columbia Forest

This fairly new neighbourhood is located in West Waterloo. Homes in this area have a wide range from 2 bedrooms to over 3000 square feet. Due to the location many of these homes back onto green spaces.  This neighbourhood is near the Boardwalk, shops, restaurants and a movie theater. You can find affordable housing in this area and its residents are active, often enjoying a day out biking or walking in the neighbourhood and the many trails that surround it.


Colonial Acres

This area is located in the center of Waterloo, and is near Conestoga Mall, Uptown Waterloo, St. Jacobs and the expressway. It is a very convenient area where you are never far from the action! Colonial Acres offers higher-end houses, with properties that range from charming two-story family homes to huge executive estates. The streets are wide with many mature trees throughout the neighbourhood. Homes are often found on very large lots. The neighbourhood seems to attract both young families and retired couples. There is not a school within its boundaries so children are bussed to other areas.



Lexington is on the east side of Waterloo, it has a wonderful location, close to RIM Park, a sports facility, golf course and many schools. Lexington is popular with those who enjoy the outdoors as it is close to the Grand River and has many walking trails. This area often feels far from the hustle and bustle of Waterloo but also has easy access to the expressway, shopping and restaurants. Homes in Lexington are anywhere from 30+ years to newer ones. Many properties are spacious and can be found on mature lots.



The Westvale Neighbourhood can be found in the southwest corner of Waterloo. It is a well-established neighbourhood which has been around for over 30 years. As Waterloo grows Westvale has gotten closer to the centre while offering affordable homes on larger lots. It is also close to the new Boardwalk! Westvale’s population also continues to grow as more homes are being built. The majority of the homes in this area are over 25 years old. These older homes are built on larger lots, which means space between homes and beautiful lawns. Homes in Westvale range from townhouses to four-bedroom family homes.



This is a highly sought-after neighbourhood in Waterloo. Partially because it has some wonderful schools in the area (the #2 in KW and one of the top 25 in Ontario). Laurelwood is a great balance between active outdoor living and quiet residential streets. This is a great neighbourhood for you if you love to be outdoors as it is close to the Laurel Creek Conservation Area which is home to wildlife, walking trails, camp sites and a lake. The homes in Laurelwood range from townhouses to single-story homes, there are not many apartments for rent in this area. Another bonus to living in this area is the community spirit, with an active neighbourhood association which organizes many community events you are bound to meet lots of neighbours.


Maple Hills

Maple Hills is a quieter neighbourhood that many people overlook. It is a lovely area where you can feel as though you are far from all city but in reality still close to shops, malls and universities. This area has many mature trees and are often far from the road. This neighbourhood is home to mainly retirees with some young families which makes it nice and quiet. The homes in this area were mostly built before the 1980’s. There are many fun activity amenities in this neighbourhood including tennis courts, parks, swimming pools, walking trails, cross country skiing trails and skating rinks.


New Hamburg

New Hamburg has such a beautiful downtown strip with that old Victorian feel. We highly recommend exploring this beautiful area. It is bordered by Baden to the east and Perth County to the west, and close to the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo and Stratford.



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