Statistics Conestogo Lake

Welcome to beautiful Conestogo Lake! Just minutes from Kitchener/Waterloo and Guelph, this is the perfect spot to spend your weekends and summers, without the commute!

Beautiful Conestogo Lake is located in the heart of Mennonite country, less than 45 minutes away, depending on the side of the lake, from Kitchener Waterloo. The lake is a y-shaped reservoir that stretches six kilometres up each arm and offers the option to boat, sail, waterski, wakeboard, canoe, camp, etc.

It all started when the Grand River Conservation Commission (a predecessor of the GRCA) built the Conestogo Dam (Conestogo Lake) to reduce flood damages and ensure adequate water supplies to communities downstream of the dams. The dam was officially opened in 1958 and today, there are 398 cottage lots.

Cottages at Conestogo Lake are located on GRCA (Grand River Conservation Area) leased land. In addition to the lease, the cottage owner pays property taxes.

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